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The ever-growing threats of EMI/RFI interference
Commercial and residential high-rises are growing like weeds in major cities around the world.
Primary distribution systems supply the substations and switchgear rooms to sustain daily operations, thereby generating elevated and high 50/60 Hz magnetic fields. Roof-top antennae farms, distributed antennae systems (DAS), mobile, marine UHFVHF, cell/PCS, radar, and satellite all require periodic testing to verify compliance with FCC Bulletin 65.

The World Trade Towers, Bank of America, Goldman-Sachs, Raytheon, Intel, Rockefeller Center—they all posed unique challenges. Is your building safe and secure?
At Vitatech, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions because they put our clients at risk. The only way to be certain you are protecting essential assets is through detailed assessment and simulation. There are no shortcuts. That’s why it’s crucial to have experienced engineers managing every detail of your project. Once we’re done with our comprehensive survey, assessment, and simulations, we’ll provide you with a detailed, understandable report of our findings, and what the best practical and cost-effective EMF solutions are for your building.


EMI/RFI Survey, Design Fabrication, Installation. All Under One Roof.

What do our services protect you from? Here’s a short list: EMF emissions from subways, electric trains, transmission and distribution lines, transformers, secondary feeders, switchgear rooms, substations, industrial processing facilities, RF transmitters, microwaves, and radar sources. Not only are humans at risk, today’s servers, IT and telephony equipment, data centers, and multi-media equipment have EMI susceptibility requirements as required by EMC immunity standard CENELEC EN 55035:2017.

When EMF levels exceed acceptable human exposure and EMI/RFI equipment susceptibility levels, Vitatech recommends, designs and installs customized, state-of-the-art mitigation solutions for our clients.

Our Comprehensive Commercial Services

Full-Spectrum EMI/RFI Testing

Full-spectrum DC, AC ELF, and RF EMF Surveys

We specialize in full-spectrum (0 Hz – 26 GHz) electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) EMF consultation services for commercial clients, telecom closets and the business world at large. Vitatech tests the following non-ionizing frequencies:

  • Geomagnetic/Static DC electric/magnetic frequency sources from (0 Hz – 10 Hz)
    • Sources Include: geomagnetic, electrified or diesel trains, vehicles, MRIs, NMRs, research/ramping magnets and processing equipment
  • AC ELF (extremely low frequency) electric/magnetic frequency sources from (3 Hz – 3000 Hz)
    • Sources Include: transmission/distribution lines, transformers, switchgears, busways, risers, conduits, panels, subways/trains, electronics, etc.
  • VLF (very low frequency) and LF (low frequency) frequency sources from 3 kHz – 30 kHz
    • Sources Include: electrotechnical equipment, high resolution display systems, florescent lighting systems, etc.
  • RF (radio frequency) electric/magnetic frequency sources from 14 kHz – 26 GHz
    • Source Include: mobile, marine, UHF/VHF, cell/PCS, radar, radio navigation services, government time radio stations, military communication, etc.
  • PQ (power quality) electrical sources (harmonics, voltage/current surges, etc.)

EMF/RFI Mitigation

Detection, Control & Mitigation

Vitatech designs and installs cost effective and practical magnetic field solutions to minimize medium and high voltage emission sources from human occupied areas. EMI/RFI mitigation solutions include:

  • Magnetic Shielding – reduces emissions from electrical sources and equipment with highly conductive magnetic shielding materials
  • Magnetic Field Cancellation System – custom engineered three-axis and single-axis magnetic field canceling system
  • Setback Guidelines define safe limits and distances from EMF/RF sources, also known as prudent avoidance

What We Protect

Who and What We Protect

Commercial Assets and Human Health Exposure Protection:

  • Human Health Exposure
  • Building Control Systems (HVAC, Power Monitoring, etc.)
  • Fire and Security Control Systems
  • Communication Systems (Telephony, Fiber, WiFi, etc.)
  • Data Centers (Servers, Magnetic/Optical Storage, Networks, etc.)
  • Multi-media (Audio/Video, Broadcast Receivers, Lighting Systems and ITE)
  • General Office and Operations Equipment

Who We Serve

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Scientific, Healthcare, Commercial and Industrial Client List: