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Who Are We?

We are a team of expert engineering EMI/RFI consultants

In a business of intangible and invisible threats, trust is everything. We’ve built an international reputation on trust and integrity with some of the largest and most prestigious companies and institutions around the world.
What separates us from the rest?

All of our staff are full-time, trained engineers and technicians with years of experience in EMI/RFI mitigation. Our engineering team is has more than 35 years of engineering and management experience in several technical disciplines. Vitatech performs the most comprehensive electromagnetic field measurements, site surveys, EMF simulation modeling and magnetic shielding designs in the industry and provides our clients clearly written, well-documented final reports with practical and cost-effective solutions. We guarantee it.

Services Provided

Everything you need, all under one roof

Whether it’s a research center, medical facility, laboratory, commercial or residential building, Vitatech has the expertise and experience to provide you with guaranteed protection from all the threats of EMI/RFI interference. No matter your tool: electron microscope, MRI, EKG, CAT, we know how to protect your equipment and your people from all the risks of EMI.

Vitatech’s EMI/RFI consulting services encompass strategic planning for technology programs and activities, concept development and requirement analysis, system design and engineered integration, EMI/RFI testing and evaluations, simulation modeling and magnetic shielding.

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The industry leader in Full-Spectrum EMF Services™ for over 20 years.

You want experienced engineers handling every detail of your project. That is why you choose us.

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