Construction Management and EMI Commissioning.

Construction Management

In an effort to meet the challenging performance criteria often necessary within scientific, hospital, commercial, and industrial facilities, an experienced construction manager can be the linchpin in meeting EMI/RFI shielding objectives on time and efficiently. Vitatech has OSHA certified and trained construction supervisors with years of hands on experience in EMI/RFI shielding installations.


Post Mitigation EMI & RFI Commissioning & Third-Party Peer Review 

We perform shielding effectiveness testing to verify the EMI and RFI compliance objectives have been achieved for the project. Vitatech also offers third-party peer review and EMI/RFI testing services. Our team reviews all third-party documents and mitigation strategies, thereby verifying the EMI/RFI objectives for the building are accomplished according to owner requirements and best engineering practices.