We think experienced engineers should handle every detail of your project.
Our competitors do not. That is what makes us better.

When Vitatech® Electromagnetics was founded in 1988, we knew one thing above all else: honesty and integrity would guide every decision we made with our clients, our employees—everything we did. That ethos has remained a constant for over two decades and is the cornerstone of the services we provide to our clients. It’s also the foundation of our lifetime guarantee—a guarantee that centers around experienced engineers managing every detail of your project.

None of our professional staff are part-time technical consultants. We do not create the illusion of technical competence by listing Ph.D.’s and P.E.’s as company employees when they’re not. Our full-time staff of trained engineers and technicians are responsible for all of our clients’ projects from start to finish. And we provide detailed, written performance guarantees for all of our work.

When your mission is to protect your clients from largely intangible threats and risks, trust is everything. The reputation we’ve built with a wide range of leading companies and institutions across the globe reinforces our belief that honesty and integrity are universal themes that transcend borders, cultures, and boardrooms everywhere.

Honesty. Integrity. Competence – This is the motto that has served to make us the industry leader for 20 years. We are a certified women-owned business.


Debra Vitale – Owner

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