30 Rockefeller Plaza

30 Rockefeller Plaza owned by NBC Universal and Tishman Speyer, is an eight decade old building with continuous remodeling to accommodate new corporations and tourist attractions. Vitatech was hired during remodeling efforts for the Deloitte NYC headquarters, among other renovations, to provide a clean bill of health for human occupancy within several floors at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Power frequency magnetic field emissions of a new 500 kVA MV transformer room was modeled to verify the impact on human occupants and office staff during a normal work period (see Diagram #1 & #2,). To demonstrate the methodology of magnetic shielding effectiveness, we simulated unshielded vs. shielded emission profiles of the transformer room to show the reduction in magnetic field strength on nearby staff. To meet the human health and immunity threshold of 10mG RMS, the transformer room was shielded to provide -30dB of attenutation, see Diagram #3.

Additional work for 30 Rockefeller Plaza includes magnetic shielding installed at the 55th floor switchgear, high voltage conduits, and teleconference room. AC ELF magnetic shielding systems were implemented to reduce areas of elevated magnetic fields for staff works and telecommunication equipment, see Diagrams #4 to #7.

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30 Rockefeller Center

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60 Hz Power Frequency Modeling and Turn-Key AC ELF Magnetic Shielding


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