Magnetic Field Cancellation System FAST MR-3

For electron microscopes (SEM and TEM),nanotechnology,biomagnetics,and more

  • Cancellation of quasi-static DC and wide-band AC magnetic interference
  • High reliability through rugged design
  • 0.001 Hz to 10 kHz frequency range

Stefan-Mayer FAST MR-3 three-axis magnetic field canceling system for electron microscopes (SEMs and TEMs), electron/ion beam and laser experiments, nanotechnology, bio-magnetic investigations, etc. High reliability thorough rugged analog design. No tedious programming, no crashes, no digital-to-analog noise pulses in the cancellation coils that could compromise optimal imaging performance for EMI sensitive ion-beam and laser research tools.

The magnetic field at the tool column is measured with a low-noise 3-axis fluxgate sensor. The controller unit contains the sensor, control electronics and low impedance current pumps for direct connections to the dual orthogonal Bx, By and Bz compensation coils. Quasi-static DC magnetic field changes caused by trams, subway, trucks, and elevators are effectively reduced as well as AC magnetic fields from power lines and other higher frequency EMI sources.

Vitatech’s team of engineers design and install the appropriate cancellation coil system with maximum attenuation depending on the ambient conditions of the site. Cancellation coils can be mounted to the walls or integrated into a self-supporting aluminum / non-magnetic frame. Vitatech offers turn-key installation services.

  • 3-axis magnetic field cancellation
  • Frequency range 0.001 Hz to 10 kHz (FAST MR-3 ACS)
  • Fluxgate magnetic field sensor with sub-nanotesla resolution
  • Simultaneous cancelling of quasi-static (DC) and AC magnetic field
  • 40 to 60 dB max. quasi-static DC cancellation (field reduction of 100 to 1000)
  • 40 to 50 dB max. field reduction at 50/60 Hz (field reduction of 100 to 316)
  • 20 to 30 dB max. field reduction at 250/300 Hz (field reduction of 10 to 30)
  • Magnetic field displays and alarm function

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