University of Sydney

The University of Sydney hired Vitatech as the owners representative to ensure AIN has state of the art EMI mitigation solutions to complex problems surrounding the site and within the future building. In order to better understand the EMI challenges at the site, Vitatech performed a comprehensive EMI/RFI site survey to record ambient magnetic fields within the current physics research building to be located in the future AIN site. Mapped and timed data was recorded at several locations within the future AIN site, revealing the various sources and challenges to the site. In addition, Vitatech recored quasi-static DC passenger elevator emissions to evaluate it’s impact on the future building.

As the owners representative, Vitatech reviewed the two competing recommended EMI mitigation solutions provided by each contractors competing for the work. We reviewed and suggested improvements to the proposed mitigation solutions provided by the winning contractor and will continue on the project to verify all shielding solutions can be independently tested and verified in the final commissioning stage.

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Australian Institute of Nanoscience (AIN)

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EMI/RFI Site Testing & Consulting


Sydney, Australia