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University of Pittsburgh wanted to utilize the ground floor and third floor lab space within two of their existing buildings comprising the Mid-Campus Complex. Vitatech visited the site to survey these areas with regard to ambient AC ELF/DC EMI & RFI emissions. Our expertise was needed to provide recommendations for the construction of the future labs scheduled to contain EMI & RFI-sensitive instruments & tools.

During the site survey, Vitatech measured an elevated magnetic field emanating from an energized primary conduit located beneath the floor slab of the ground floor labs. Due to the fact that this source could not be easily relocated, the decision was made to AC ELF magnetically shield the source. Vitatech and their team installed the magnetic shield to reduce the magnetic flux density levels within the lab to 1 mG and less for the pair of SPM instruments (original magnetic field in the labs exceeded 20 mG on the floor.)

During the site survey for the future third floor laser lab, Vitatech measured an elevated residual magnetic field, which had been generated by a tool previously located in the space. As University of Pittsburgh did not want to remove the floor slab due to a risk of safety, the decision was made to DC magnetically shield the source. Our team installed the DC shield to reduce the DC component magnetic field levels to 400 mG and less on all axes (original magnetic field in the labs exceed 750 mG within the room.) Both areas successfully passed final AC ELF/DC EMI testing

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Mid-Campus Complex Renovation

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EMI/RFI Site Testing, Utility & LV Electrical Distribution Simulations & Impact Analysis, EMI/RFI Shielding Designs, Fabrications & Installation & Final Commissioning


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