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A feasibility study was performed at the University of Ottawa MacDonald Hall site in December of 2009.  The site survey was conducted in the interest of the site being used for locating EMI-susceptible instrumentation.  Vitatech provided siting recommendations for different arrays of instrumentation at the time of the survey, including a 0.1 mG Br Resultant performance objective for next-generation high performance quiet EM laboratories.

Vitatech recorded mapped AC ELF magnetic flux density levels  throughout the site, in addition to timed DC differential emissions to assess the impact from localized traffic and trains sources.   Given the extremely low magnetic field readings, we were able to confirm the site location was conducive to high-performance research and compatible with the 0.1 mG RMS ultra-low performance threshold desired for the project.


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EMI/RFI Site Survey & Feasibility Study


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