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In January of 2009, Vitatech analyzed the impact of the overhead single-circuit vertically arrayed 69 kV Orange & Rockland Transmission Line 652 within the Cambridge Heights subdivision in Ramsey, New Jersey.  Vitatech performed a three-pronged site study to determine if elevated acoustic levels, AC ELF magnetic flux density levels, and RF electric field strength levels generated by the transmission line exceeded the New Jersey state limits within the tested area.

In order to assess the impact of the transmission line with respect to AC ELF power frequency magnetic fields, Vitatech performed two (2) lateral plots and a timed data plot from underneath the transmission line to the front gate of the subdivision.  Vitatech concluded that the transmission line decayed to 10 mG RMS at a separation distance of roughly 45-50 feet away.  Vitatech also analyzed the acoustic levels generated by the transmission line within the subdivision using spatial averaging and an audible microphone.  The collected measurements concluded that the average ambient acoustic level recorded within the Cambridge Heights subdivision was 52 to 58 dB, which complied with the 65 dB state requirement.  Finally, Vitatech recorded RF electric field strength levels underneath the transmission line and around the site.  These levels were compliant with the 3 V/m state requirement over the entire 75 MHz to 3 GHz spectrum.

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Cambridge Heights Subdivision

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