The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi, UAE, was established as an independent, research-driven university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies. Vitatech was contracted by Masdar Institute to perform an EMI/RFI site survey in a new microscopy suite with six (6) new FEI SEMs/TEMs including a high resolution Titan Cubed located near several large 50 Hz power sources: 11kV primary switching station, LV substation, PV inverter room, THV switches, and numerous cable trays surrounding the microscopy suite. The recorded wideband 12 Hz to 50 kHz magnetic field levels ranged from 50 nT (0.5 mG) to 190 nT (1.9 mG) peak-to-peak. The sensitive SEM/TEM electron microscopes within the facility needed to achieve 30 nT (0.3mG) p-p, as specified by the SEM/TEM performance criteria.

Vitatech designed and managed the electron microscope shielding installation of a six-sided 485 sq. m (5,218 sq. ft.) AC ELF magnetic shield within the entire microscopy suite. After the electron microscope shield installation was completed all recorded wideband AC ELF magnetic field levels measured less than 30 nT (0.1 mG) p-p averaging 10 nT (0.1 mG) p-p in most tool areas except near the unshielded marble floor where loop around emissions exceeded 30 nT (0.3 mG) p-p. Vitatech also recommended moving the EM support equipment and power supplies away from the tools to further reduce EMI emissions at the columns. The shielding factor (SF) which denotes shielding attenuation achieved by the AC ELF magnetic shield ranged from -25 dB to -38 dB, meeting all the SEM/TEM EMI performance criteria.

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Masdar Institute of Science & Technology Electron Microscope Shielding

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EMI/RFI Site Testing, Utility & LV Electrical Distribution Simulations & Impact Analysis, EMI/RFI Electron Microscope Shielding Design, Fabrications & Installation & Final Commissioning


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