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Arizona Biodesign Institute is Arizona’s single largest research infrastructure invested in the biosciences. Encompassing 350,000 square-feet, the fields of research focus on biomedicine, health outcomes, sustainability and security. Our role in this facility was full-engineering services; from demolition to design support to new construction and Light Rail predicted analysis. For this project, pre-demolition and post-demolition EMI/RFI site assessments benchmarked magnetic field levels during the construction phases while EMF simulations predicted levels of a future Light Rail 750V dual-wire catenary system. Careful planning was achieved during the design development/technical design stages and shielding design drawings with installation support was carried out to reduce DC EMI Light Rail and passenger elevator emissions.

Single and dual-substrate shielding systems were installed within a passenger elevator shaft to attenuate the levels for Lasers, TEMs, SEMs and all MRIs providing between -10 to -15 dB of attenuation. Reducing AC ELF levels to a 3 mG performance criteria was achieved by correcting N.E.C violations discovered during final testing and a final RF test verified safe levels for a Reiss Repeater, complying with a 1 V/m to 3 V/m RFI industry standards. The Arizona Biodesign Institute is LEED certified and won Arizona’s “Excellence in Economic Development Award” for its innovate contributions to the state’s economic growth.

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Arizona Biodesign B Building

Services Provided:

EMI/RFI Site Testing, Technical Design Support, AC/DC Simulation Modeling, DC Shielding Installation, Construction Support & Final Compliance Testing


Tempe, Arizona