Altavista Power Station

Vitatech was hired by the Altavista Power Station to visit their site premises  to perform a comprehensive AC ELF site survey and risk assessment report. The report was to specifically address areas of the site exposed to elevated magnetic flux density levels in order to protect an individual working on the site with an EMI-susceptible implantable medical device. The site survey was conducted within the exterior switchyard and cooling tower areas, various locations on the first floor, the second floor switchgear room and work area, the third floor main control room, and the third floor generator area. The main switchyard was of particular concern, due to the sheer size and current load of the equipment within. Vitatech produced a comprehensive risk assessment report, which itemized the areas of the campus safe for the employees with implantable devices. The maximum allowable field strength for Medtronic pacemakers/defibrillators is 6,000 volts per meter for 50/60Hz AC power frequency.

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Altavista Power Station

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EMI Site Survey & Pacemaker Study


Altavista, VA