Drew McCrady has joined Vitatech Electromagnetics. He can be contacted atdmccrady@vitatech.net
Drew McCrady comes to Vitatech with 32 Years of experience in the scientific instrument field including SEMs, TEMs, STEMs, FIBs, Mass Spectrometers, and other tools while at JEOL USA, JEOL Japan and JEOL de Mexico. The last 15 years he was in-charge of environmental surveys, instrument siting, facilities documentation and installation project management at a prominent, world-class, international research imaging vendor. He has developed unique EMI magnetic field management, vibration and temperature control solutions with various partners across the industry. He has performed and managed environmental surveys throughout the United States and Canada. He is an expert in EMI, vibration, acoustic, room temperature and airflow control measurements and remediation assessing the results and making recommendations. He has provided power and grounding guidelines and solutions, including custom UPS and PDU for high end TEM and SEM products. Beside decades of environmental remediation work, he has extensive experience working with US and international Active Compensation System (ACS) vendors to achieve optimal attenuation, imaging performance and stability. Mr. McCrady has a thorough knowledge of the building trades and working with contractors on complex research instrumentation construction projects. He has a clear understanding the expectations, concerns, fears and technical challenges encountered in the ever-changing and demanding world of high resolution imaging technology and state-of-the-art environmental control.