University of Nevada Las Vegas

Vitatech was hired to collect ambient AC ELF and DC EMI magnetic flux density levels of the recently constructed Science and Engineering Building at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. A multi-faceted site survey was performed, taking data within the first floor and third floor lab areas under three building conditions. First, Vitatech measured all areas within the building under normal load. Second, Vitatech measured the same areas but with the building’s HVAC feeder de-energized. Finally, Vitatech measured each of the areas a third time but with the building power off. This was done to correctly identify potential emission sources both within and outside of the building. Vitatech concluded from the multi-stage testing that several elevation emission sources were contesting the ultra-low ambient magnetic field environment desired for high-resolution imaging laboratories.

Vitatech initially offered a cost-effective approach to undergo lengthy net/ground testing remediation (See Diagram #1 below). During net/ground testing, a shared project by multiple teams was met with resounding success, as thirteen electrical panels were remediated and ambient magnetic field levels were reduced throughout the imaging core of the building. However, due to the stringent EMI thresholds for  JEOL SEMs & E-Beams, passive magnetic shielding  was recommended and installed within four separate laboratories (See Diagram #2 and #3 below).  The Science and Engineering Building at the University of Nevada Las Vegas was awarded LEED silver certification.

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Science and Engineering Building

Services Provided:

EMI/RFI Site Survey, net/ground current remediation, and AC ELF Magnetically Shielding Laboratories


Las Vegas, Nevada