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The University of Notre Dame Stinston-Remick Hall, is a 160,000 sq.ft. building with 8,500 sq.ft. of semiconductor processing, fabrication, and cleanroom. The new building also includes a shared Nano Science and Technology program in association with the Notre Dame Energy Center.

To minimize the impact of electrical services for Cryogenic Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry (IM-MS), Vitatech supplied a turn-key solution to first measure, then mitigate electrical power distribution supplying the facilities processing initiatives.  AC ELF Magnetic shielding systems were implemented in electrical closets, the main electrical room, and IM-MS laboratory to control magnetic and electric field strengths for high-performance mass spectrometry applications.


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Preliminary EMI/RFI Survey & AC ELF Magnetic Shielding Systems

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Stintson-Remick Hall


West Lafayette, Indiana