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The Smilow Research Center is a 13-story, state-of-the-art research facility at New York University in New York City. The center contains 230,000 square feet of laboratory space and greater than 40 multidisciplinary research teams, in collaboration to develop new treatments.

Vitatech performed an AC ELF building design assessment with simulations of the ConEd transformer vaults, network protectors and main electrical switch gear room of the proposed Smilow Research Building. Magnetic flux density simulations (100%, 75% & 50% loads) were modeled at the floor and one-meter levels in the future Lecture Room above a network protector collector bus and secondary feeders. Vitatech recommended that a AC ELF Magnetic Shielding System be installed to ensure that the occupants and equipment, located within this lecture hall and adjacent conference room located directly above the ConEd vault and main electrical switch gear room, would not be effected by electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Vitatech was contracted by Turner Construction to install a 3,168 sq. ft. dual-substrate AC ELF magnetic shielding system inside the lecture hall area of the NYU Smilow Research Facility. The magnetic shield was tested and the shielding system complied with the 10mG performance criteria.

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Smilow Research Center

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