Magnetic Field Cancellation System MK1-HM

Magnetic Field Cancelling System MK1-HM

Image improvement for MRI scanners, suitable for biomagnetic applications

  • Canceling of DC and AC magnetic interference
  • Single-axis and 3-axis versions
  • Supports up to 3 individual sensors

Stefan-Meyer Single axis magnetic field cancelling system for MRI scanners and biomagnetic applications. This system is used when the magnetic field sensor cannot be placed within the shielded volume. For example, in MRI applications the sensor is usually installed outside of the shielding room because of the MRI scanner’s high fringe field.

  • Simultaneous cancelling of quasi-static (DC to 10 Hz) and AC magnetic field
  • Band pass filters for 2 fixed AC frequencies (16.7 and 50 Hz or custom)
  • Fluxgate magnetic field sensor with sub-nanotesla resolution
  • Can be equipped with up to 3 sensors and filters
  • Gain and phase separately adjustable for different frequencies
  • 3-axis version available (MK-3)

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