Strategic Planning for Technology Programs and Activities

We provide specialized full-spectrum (0 Hz – 300 GHz) professional electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) EMF consultation services assisting in the strategic planning phases of technology programs and projects. Vitatech examines the proposed project, building or site plan to assess the potential impact from electromagnetic and radiofrequency (RF) interference (EMI/RFI) emanating from EMF and electrical sources on a device (i.e., electronic device, telemetry & diagnostic systems, communication systems, computers & CRT monitors, servers and IT networks, scientific research instruments, etc.), building or site such as:

  • DC EMF – geomagnetic, subways, elevators, MRIs, NMRs, accelerators, etc.
  • AC ELF EMF – power lines (transmission/distribution & service), transformers, switchgears/distribution panels, busways, risers, panels, electric trains, etc.
  • VLF & LF EMF – standard/high resolution CRT monitor emissions/screen jitter
  • RF EMF – mobile, marine, AM/FM, UHF/VHF, cellular/PCS, microwave/radar
  • HEMP/EMP – conventional and nuclear EMP (electromagnetic pulse) & HEMP

In the formulation of program objectives, Vitatech outlines approaches to achieve EMF and EMC performance standards, intermediate project goals, needed training, requisite studies and evaluations. Vitatech defines the scope and objectives of EMF and EMC engineered services for technology programs including the development of high-level policy, engineered performance requirements to minimize potential EMI, RFI and EMC problems, and risk assessment to government/military personnel, contractors and visitors from excessive EMF exposure based upon various industry, national and international standards (listed below).

The following outlines Vitatech’s EMI / RFI and EMC strategic planning services:

  • Analysis of technology program objectives/purposes
  • Development of EMI / RFI and EMC standards/policies (MIL-STD & NSA compliant)
  • Identification of potential EMI/RFI and EMC problems relating to technology program from:
    • Static DC EMF sources
    • AC ELF (extremely low frequency) EMF sources
    • VLF (very low frequency) and LF (low frequency) EMF sources
    • RF (radiofrequency) EMF sources
    • PQ (power quality) sources (harmonics, voltage/current surges, etc.)
    • EMP (electromagnetic pulse) & HEMP (high-altitude electromagnetic pulse)
  • Requirements development and goals for electric & magnetic fields (EMFs), RF, EMI/RFI, EMP/HEMP and EMC remediation objectives:
    • Magnetic, Electric, RF & SCIF, TEMPEST, EMP/HEMP Shielding Systems
    • Active/Passive Cancellation Systems, EMI/RFI & Harmonic/Sequence Filters
    • IEEE, N.E.C. & N.E.S.C. applied electrical standards & corrective measures
    • OSHA, ACGHI, NCRP, IRPA/INIRC, WHO human EMF exposure standards
    • FCC OET Bulletin 65 Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields