Concept Development and Requirement Analysis

Vitatech provides specialized full-spectrum (0 Hz – 300 GHz) professional electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) EMF consultation services in the areas of concept development and requirements analysis. We prepare concept studies, requirements definition/analysis, and statement-of-work (SOW) of EMF and EMC engineered projects by specifying the following:

  • EMF site survey protocols performed on device, building or site (future or existing) to measure/record electric and magnetic fields. The EMF site survey protocol includes the type of EMF source to be measured (electric or magnetic static DC, AC ELF, VLF/LF and RF fields), methodology of the data collection (spot, mapped/contour and timed), recommended instrument/probe (coil, fluxgate and hall-effect magnetometers, etc.) and graphical methods to present EMF data.
  • EMF simulations of electrical systems including transmission/distribution lines, transformers, switchgears, busways, risers, conduits, panels, subways/trains.
  • RF modeling of antenna patterns, electric field strength profiles of marine, mobile, pagers/cellular/PCS, AM/FM, UHF/VHF, microwave & radar antennas.
  • EMC measurement protocols & assessments (to be MIL-STD & NSA compliant)
  • Acceptable electromagnetic and radiofrequency interference (EMI/RFI) threshold levels to minimize the potential impact on electronic equipment, telemetry & diagnostic systems, communication systems, computers & CRT monitors, servers and IT networks, scientific research instruments as defined by selected standards.
  • Recommended EMF human risk assessment for government/military personnel, contractors, and visitors from EMF emission sources based upon various industry, national and international standards: ACGHI, NCRP, IRPA/INIRC, OSHA, WHO, and the FCC OET Bulletin 65 Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields.

Vitatech provides evaluation of alternative technical approaches and associated costs for the development of EMF and EMC engineered services that minimize potential EMI, RFI and EMC problems in devices, new/existing buildings and large sites, including:

  • Specifications with estimated costs for comprehensive EMF site surveys and measurements, shielding performance testing (IEEE-STD-299), EMI/RFI assessments, EMC standards/policies (MIL-STD & NSA compliant) and EMF human exposure standards, for the following EMF sources:
    • AC ELF (extremely low frequency) EMF sources (power lines & equipment)
    • Static DC EMF sources (geomagnetic, subways, MRIs, NMRs, etc.)
    • VLF (very low frequency) and LF (low frequency) EMF sources (CRT’s)
    • RF (radiofrequency) EMF sources (mobile, marine, UHF/VHF, cell/PCS, etc.)
    • PQ (power quality) sources (harmonics, voltage/current surges, etc.)
    • EMP (electromagnetic pulse) & HEMP (high-altitude electromagnetic pulse)
  • Specifications with estimated costs for recommended electric & magnetic fields (EMFs), RF, EMI/RFI, EMP/HEMP and EMC remediation objectives:
    • Magnetic, Electric, RF & SCIF, TEMPEST, EMP/HEMP Shielding Systems
    • Active/Passive Cancellation Systems, EMI/RFI & Harmonic/Sequence Filters
    • IEEE, N.E.C. & N.E.S.C. applied electrical standards & corrective measures