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How are you exposed? What are the threats?
Obtaining accurate and detailed information about your electromagnetic field exposure is crucial.
It just happens to be our specialty.

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  • Architects, Land & Commercial Developers
  • Building, Electrical & Insurance Inspectors
  • Commercial Building Owners & Property Managers
  • Corporate & Residential Tenants
  • Directors, Principals & Deans – day care centers, universities
  • Engineers – environmental, electrical, building & construction
  • Industrial Hygienists & Public/Corporate Health & Safety Directors
  • New Home Buyers & Home Owners
  • Real Estate Agents, Brokers & Mortgage Officers

Learn about all your risks

  • Static DC EMF sources (geomagnetic, subways, MRIs, NMRs)
  • AC ELF (extremely low freq)
  • EMF sources (power lines & equipment)
  • VLF (very low freq) and LF (low freq) EMF sources
  • RF (radio frequency) EMF sources
  • EMP (em pulse) & HEMP (high-altitude em pulse)
  • PQ (power quality) electrical sources