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The Physical Sciences Complex is a 160,246 sq.ft. of collaborative space with nearby federal agencies, including the Joint Quantum Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology,  Joint Space-Science Institute, and the National Institute of Health and CMN’s Biophysics group. The design vision for this facility was to create a collaborative center for the Physical Sciences and Technology.

For initial planning and programming of the PSC, Vitatech performed preliminary EMI/RFI testing in 2009 to identify the worst-case vehicle traffic typical for a college campus.  Within the planned footprint, AC ELF 60 Hz testing was documented to detect underground stray fields traveling along distribution lines and feeders. Radio Frequency testing was recorded to identify any RF sources from 75MHz to 3GHz and high levels of electric field strength.

Vitatech’s objective was to facilitate building information modeling of EMI sources exceeding the environmental fluctuations required for Laser tables. Examples of these sources, include moving traffic along Stadium and Farm Drive, passenger/freight elevators, and the PSC power distribution system.

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The Physical Sciences Complex has earned gold certification through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

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Physical Sciences Complex (PSC)

Services Provided:

EMI/RFI Site Testing, Technical Design Support, AC/DC Simulation Modeling, Passive Shielding Installation, Construction Support & Final Compliance Testing


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